Saturday, January 2, 2010

Life thus far.

Hey again,
I'm sorry for updating this late. The reason I`m blogging now is that I`m probably gonna be dead busy after this, with studies, SPM!, school stuff. But I just wanna say a little bit about what`s going on in my mind. And maybe a little about what I did the past few weeks.

Firstly, I`ve been thinking and without sounding obsessive, `observing society`, a small one at least, between the borders of K.L at least. I think the key word here would be `pretence` or `pretend`. You see, what I`ve thought I finally understood is that, society works on a whole basis of pretence, or if you`d rather, influence. People act, based on the platform of so many forms of emotions or `hormone reactions`. For example, let`s take envy. The first question I would like to stamp on the table, a simple one, `why do you think your dad bought that new car?` What drove him to buy a new car? Well, cutting out the usual bullshit they tell us like its for the family and all that. But honestly, don`t you think, your dad bought that car based on a little of envy? A little might be an understatement, but research has shown, `proven by einstein himself`, relativity exists in society and will continue to.

We relate as in we compare. We compare our status with others, we compare our financial stability with others. Yeah, punks would tell you, we`re on our own, we do whatever we like and whatever. But I believe, envy and relativity will always be there. It`s just about how much you let it affect your everyday life and how significant the role its gonna play in your life. For example, why do teenagers get rebellious at a certain age? And don`t fool me, everyone gets rebellious when they reach some age. Why do they suddenlly `hate their parents`? Extremes and medical explainations aside, I think relativity plays a part here too. Teens, usually without a right frame of mind and probable lack of maturity, would ALWAYS relate themselves to others, `how come that dude has a mohawk?`, `how come they don`t hang out with their parents`? and somehow, you fit in with that group, and you realise, to be one of them, you gotta do their `thing` so there you go, you pretend. You pretend to hate your parents, you pretend to be emo, maybe unconsciously, that depends.

This post isn`t about proving people wrong and stating the `right thing to do`. Its a topic that I think, would be debatable till the very end. This is just my shallow opinion on what is at a bigger and more difficult scale. Sooo, yeah. :)

Sooo, what have I been up to? Nothing really much actually, performed with the band, studied, had my cousins come over to my place. * don`t remind me of them, seriously* hahah kids kids.. :P

Breakdown Before Breakfast played at Moshmallow, here are some pics.


Solo :)

Before MOsh, we played at a prom in Chulan Hotel, KL. Very fancy :D


Andd, I found some really old pics, back when I was in form 2 or something, got it from Friendster right before I deleted the account. Hahah Facebook ftw! :P

  • ahh abused too.

Hahahahah this never gets old. :DDDDDDDD

Aww small kids.
:P oh and that girl with the punk hairstyle, the prefect?she`s the head prefect now. :P

Miss those shoes! FIrst ever performance, :D


Okay that`s the last I can stand. :P I`ll post stuff soon and HAPPY NEW YEAR BITCHAS :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Every detail means something.


Here I am again,

blogging two nights in a row. That`s gotta be a record or something. Or maybe it just means I`m that bored. Haha but nevertheless, I just wanna blog about the past events or happenings that I went through during my `hiatus` ( if I could call it that, :P ). I discovered I got lots of pictures that I could post up here, so basically, I`ll write about these pictures. There`s just so many! Alright alright.

So the first is this Prefects` Dinner we had at Corus Hotel in KL. It was sort of like a tribute to the seniors for their `hard work and dedication`. I personally think it`s really glorified, but hey, it`s a good excuse to wear a suit don`t you think? :P I was the MC there and stuff so I had to do that thing with arranging the mini events and stuff. I also played the guitar for Pui Li and Divyaa for that song ` No Boundaries` for the seniors. Was alright except for the fact that they started laughing embarassingly in the middle of the song, but you know, it`s all part of the fun.

The seniors.

Next up, is this LEO Installation I attended. Honestly, I don`t know how I got a post in it, but they wanted us to perform, so whatever, lol. I played in this `makeshift band` or just `few friends who jam`. I think we just jammed 2 times or something. Sarnjev was on drums, Shan Hoe on rhythm, Joey Khong on bass and Ali On vocals. Wouldn`t say my best show ever, but it was a great experience for me cause I finally knew how it felt to play in a huge stage and hall. But honestly, audience there other than our own friends who were FUCKING awesome, were shit. I don`t think the others really knew anything other than mainstream music, but what the hell. Here are some pictures.

Me and Sarn waiting for our cue to perform.

Awesome pic of Ali.

Feeling. Lol.

Our bunch who attended. Look at Sarn. LOL.

Thanks to Juliana for editting this.

Oh before I forget, I decided to take up tuition when I realised I do need guidance on the way to get `fingers crossed`, ALL FUCKING A`S for SPM. I`ve met so many AWESOME people there and it widened my `friends circle`, if you like. That`s also where we formed Breakdown Before Breakfast. All from addmaths classes, ;) Well, we do talk about other things during add maths, duhh.

Pringles babeh!

Poser shit. haha

Me and Lee.

Best teacher I ever learned from. Mr. Pang.

We all get paranoid sometimes when you`re all pressured with addmaths don`t we? don`t we? :P


Daneetha And Kah Yee, :)

Haha I look like I`m doing sums for some Mafia. LOL.

Pei Wen hard at work.

Next, some stuff about Breakdown Before Breakfast. I`ve been in many bands and tried out alot of shit with people. The thing special about this one is that we`re all fucking crazy friends, but somehow we take music and would you believe it` studies` seriously. We don`t do reckless things THAT often and we do play by the rules, in a way. Haha. And we have this solid `fan base` consisting of our friends from tuition, like Leysha, Vinoda, Yana, so many more. We feel pumped to be a band because we have so much support from this awesome, awesome friends.

Woops. :P me and harith ( drummer )

Our band`s hideout. Some place you don`t need to know. :P

Some guitar joke I was talking about, can`t remember.

Beautiful isn`t it? :)

Fish phobia.

I like this one. So many emotions.

We were like ` fuckkk! that huge one`s looking at us` hahaha

Then, I went to this party. It was a barbecue at Juliana`s place. Great food, honestly. Met up with a few friends, the old ones. I had to play the guitar for JU as her birthday gift, aww. haha . It was great bonding and we had a great time. :)

Me and Syak.

Me and Nav. I look like a kid. :/

Me and Emily! Miss you beb, :)

Another party was at Nav`s. Deepavali. Had a great time too. :)

You might be thinking we`re making a statement `fuck gays` but we`re not. Haha

I almost didn`t do that. :P

Listening to girly talk. :P

Thennnnnn, I`m about to tell you about this greatt night I had. Eventhough it wasn`t like the best band`s concert, but I had a great, great time. :) It was `magical` in a way, hahaha but I had fun, jumping around, being myself. :)

It was the All American Rejects. Sorry metalheads. hahah

On the way there in Naveena`s car.

Met up with Lee and the guys there.

Me and Joey. <3

On the way back, tired and dirty.

Opening bands sucked so.. yeah, haha

Relaxed at the back.

And and and, I made an achievement that night too. I carried Joey up on my shoulders and jumped like a madman. I was glad I did it. Mega shoulder ache the next day, but worthed it. Haha. :P

This is all I can manage to blog about today. Have a good time guys. Life is too short. I`ll blog again asap. Nights!