Saturday, January 2, 2010

Life thus far.

Hey again,
I'm sorry for updating this late. The reason I`m blogging now is that I`m probably gonna be dead busy after this, with studies, SPM!, school stuff. But I just wanna say a little bit about what`s going on in my mind. And maybe a little about what I did the past few weeks.

Firstly, I`ve been thinking and without sounding obsessive, `observing society`, a small one at least, between the borders of K.L at least. I think the key word here would be `pretence` or `pretend`. You see, what I`ve thought I finally understood is that, society works on a whole basis of pretence, or if you`d rather, influence. People act, based on the platform of so many forms of emotions or `hormone reactions`. For example, let`s take envy. The first question I would like to stamp on the table, a simple one, `why do you think your dad bought that new car?` What drove him to buy a new car? Well, cutting out the usual bullshit they tell us like its for the family and all that. But honestly, don`t you think, your dad bought that car based on a little of envy? A little might be an understatement, but research has shown, `proven by einstein himself`, relativity exists in society and will continue to.

We relate as in we compare. We compare our status with others, we compare our financial stability with others. Yeah, punks would tell you, we`re on our own, we do whatever we like and whatever. But I believe, envy and relativity will always be there. It`s just about how much you let it affect your everyday life and how significant the role its gonna play in your life. For example, why do teenagers get rebellious at a certain age? And don`t fool me, everyone gets rebellious when they reach some age. Why do they suddenlly `hate their parents`? Extremes and medical explainations aside, I think relativity plays a part here too. Teens, usually without a right frame of mind and probable lack of maturity, would ALWAYS relate themselves to others, `how come that dude has a mohawk?`, `how come they don`t hang out with their parents`? and somehow, you fit in with that group, and you realise, to be one of them, you gotta do their `thing` so there you go, you pretend. You pretend to hate your parents, you pretend to be emo, maybe unconsciously, that depends.

This post isn`t about proving people wrong and stating the `right thing to do`. Its a topic that I think, would be debatable till the very end. This is just my shallow opinion on what is at a bigger and more difficult scale. Sooo, yeah. :)

Sooo, what have I been up to? Nothing really much actually, performed with the band, studied, had my cousins come over to my place. * don`t remind me of them, seriously* hahah kids kids.. :P

Breakdown Before Breakfast played at Moshmallow, here are some pics.


Solo :)

Before MOsh, we played at a prom in Chulan Hotel, KL. Very fancy :D


Andd, I found some really old pics, back when I was in form 2 or something, got it from Friendster right before I deleted the account. Hahah Facebook ftw! :P

  • ahh abused too.

Hahahahah this never gets old. :DDDDDDDD

Aww small kids.
:P oh and that girl with the punk hairstyle, the prefect?she`s the head prefect now. :P

Miss those shoes! FIrst ever performance, :D


Okay that`s the last I can stand. :P I`ll post stuff soon and HAPPY NEW YEAR BITCHAS :)

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