Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A new leaf

As I when thru my previous posts, I may sound maybe too desperate to prove that I`m different now, but erm, I guess I had nothing better to write about, haha. So, erm, my exam`s over and I`m bored, so I turn to blogspot. Basically, I just wanna write about things that I`ve gone thru thus far and erm, probably some of the experiences,ameliorations?is that the word? haha.

So, stuff have been alright, been studying alot lately up to now, where I find myself with absolutely nothing to do, nothing at all. This is where I started reading. I know this may have happened to every student out there but I think this reading thing is a new sort of chapter or discovery of myself. My reading materials are just basic books such as..erm..ceritalah-Karim Raslan, The Malay Dilemma-Mahathir, some thrillers, Rose Red, Crickley Hall, and the Speaking dead (haha). I know novels can`t really open eyes, but I started having this rush to read more and more, it`s not about the book, truthfully, its about the determinationn to learn, I know it may sound cocky, but this is the first time I`ve ever felt the need of expanding my knowledge, the need of knowing something out of my text books, just learning something new la, I guess.

I`ve also started realising about myself erm, in the next few years. I`m leaving school in 2 years and I honestly have no idea what am I suppose to expect, experiences, meetings. Once I realised I`m nothing out there, I immediately panicked, honestly. haha..I realised it was not all about studying, getting good grades and im outta here n get a job n marry n have a family. I have to do something, I have to perform actions that will maybe change society for the better. MAYBE. haha..When I look around at people nowadays, I keep wondering, have they thought what I`m thinking now? Have they ever started to worry of what were to happen to themselves? So, after many discussions, ponderings, I`ve decided to...............enter politics. hahaha its not final but..I do get the rush to be one.

Other than that, I would like to be open about my relationship with a girl, erm, I believe these realisations have come parallel with the feelings I have for her. I admit, I do come weak with her and while I go on this path with a partner, I do tend to appreciate things as they happen. Well, the point is, with her, life seems ( without sounding erm, cute,haha) to pass on well.

So, thats an update. Will get back to you soon, take care.

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Honestly, I didnt read your first post. Sorry Its too boring. Too many words.

But i did read about "Teenagers". Well, halfway at least.

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