Monday, December 10, 2007

Kings of Leon

Last night, was arguably, the best night of my life. No, its not booze, its not girls, instead is fucking Kings Of Leon! I`m in Manchester now, and Ive been enjoying my stay eventhough its only the 3rd day of a 21 days vacation.. Let me tell you about my journey here before I start bursting about last night.

My parents and me left Malaysia on the 8th of December, in other words, the midnight of 7 Dec. We took the Emirates Airline and after a sad goodbye to ******, we boarded the plane and took off. We reached Dubai about 7 pm ( malaysian time), and we had to rest there waiting for our transfer straight to Manchester. It was obviously very tiring and the airport was packed. So after my `breakfast` I was on the manchester, the airline had good entertainment, I was laughing my head off when Homer did the spiderpig ting. It was hillarious!

So, we reached Manchester about 1 pm ( manc time ), and my brother took us back to his house, a typical students` house, very cosy. So after that when for dinner bla bla bla..
Now let`s get to the fun part! Last night, about 9 pm me and my brother went to the Gmex..It was not exactly a auditorium, but it was big and the stage was awesome. So we waited for the supporting band to finish, and we moved forward. After shouting Kings Of Leon a billion times, they finally came out. I heard the biggest roar of my life, there were about 3000 ppl there?I`m not quite sure.

They opened the concert with a couple of songs from their newest album, `Because Of the Times` it was amazing, everyone was screaming, everything was perfect not to mention the drunken idiot behind me. People were throwing beers all over the place. I had one straight in my face, but when you`re in front of considerably the best band in the world, you don`t and you won`t seem to care.

My best track of the night was Molly`s Chambers a classic. I immediately jumped when I knew it was this song. The magic of this concert was how original it sounded..Sound system was beyond perfect but the way they make people in a state of I don`t was great, it really was. I was very tired in the middle of the concert but thank god they played some slow songs at that time, and I got to rest a while.

So when the set finished, all of us screamed for them to come out, and they did, and they finished it with one of my favourites, CHARMER. We were screaming our throats out.. I really enjoyed myself, and the magic doesn`t stop there, when we were going out, I met TOMASS GRAVESEN! DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER OF EVERTON FOOTBALL CLUB! My bro did all the talking, I was just there looking at him in awe. A football player in a concert? I don`t hear that now and then, he was clean cut and he shook my hand! It was great..

Now i`m gonna have my breakfast its 9 pm here, and it`s considerably cold, and I love it! You can`t take out the thrash without wearing a jacket. Today we might be going for a tour at old trafford. So from here on, I wish you guys a happy holiday, and whatever you do, be yourself, question the rules sometimes.

And to you, yes you, take care ya, I know you`re not in M`sia now, so if you`re reading this, i`m ok, and thinking whether you`re ok, send me an email or something, just wanna know you`re ok, but enjoy yourself! like I did last night!hehe, long.

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