Thursday, November 8, 2007


No, I`m not talking about that song from that crap chemical band. I`m talking about teenagers today. Eat this man. Listen to what I gotta say. When you`re 13 or 14, you`re a teenager. You guys should know about this. The thing about some of them these days, is they`re becoming too materialistic ( thanks akak mai ). My question here is, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THEM. I have to remind you, I`m not writing this because I simply saw it today and gotta write it today. I mean look around, what do you see? What principles do they have? This has been a question that been ringing in my head. The don`t give two fuc*s about their future. Money is all they need. What`s education to them? What are books to them?

Being rebellious is a normal thing. Rebellious towards their parents, teachers, or whatever. It`s normal. I`m a rebel. But I do have my lending ears. There`s never `the one`, you`re always `one of them`, its only how you shine `from them`. You are god`s creation, not another boring soul from the above. I got really pissed when someone told me that he`s the fuc*ing only person that can actually win any debate with anyone even god. You may be a bigshot in town, but you may be a tiny little ant in the city. Like what my brother told me, `Don`t be a big fish in a small pond, be a big fish in the ocean`. I`m not such a holy person, but if you ever question yourself about how you ended up in this world, remember, there is always an answer.

A very common attitude about teenagers these days is this `hatred` they have against their parents. They hate them, not dislike them. You may have heard this from your old granny`s mouth but as usual, the old hags are always right: Without your parents, you think you`ll be here ah? Parents, most of them, love us. I know you might be saying this now, ` Fuc* you parent loving *%$*!But come on, it`s a fact right? It was hard for me to swallow too. It`s either their nature or god knows what. But they do care about you. You may disagree with them, but its either they don`t quite understand you or maybe you`re just plain wrong. It`s either two of that. Believe me, I have heard people saying shit about their parents. Stuff you wouldn`t think that would be coming out from someone`s child`s mouth.

The next thing is about friends. Peer pressure. The enormity of you mixing with the wrong kind of guys is undescribeable. They tend to be `cool`. Well, maybe they `try to be` cool. They tend to be `mature`. Look around, 12 year olds smoking their eyes off? I mean, if you smoke because you think you wanna smoke and have some fun, its alrite, but if you smoke cause you need to, what the fuc*? Fuc* the influences but don`t tell me you`re that stupid to actually do stuff at people`s will. You`re being a slave.

I guess I better stop now, gotta go off to bed. I hope what I said today will tighten some loose screws in your head. You don`t need to look like what you wanna be, Be what you wanna be. Ironically, I was one of them.

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