Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sudden thoughts

I`ve been going through a phase of annoying if not irritating thoughts. I`ve been thinking and learning from what people have to say about: let`s face it, me. :) Compliments, criticism have been splattered on my face without second thoughts. Maybe I`m famous that`s why this happens, that`s the way I would love to think about it, ;) but nevertheless, let`s check it out.

You see, some have been shocked about me blogging and `thinking deeply`. Some believe that what I should be writing is about my daily activities, when I bath, where I hang out, what I bought, what service I get when I shop. Well, I`m sorry to disappoint you as I believe I should be using my blog the way I want to. I believe what I ponder about is to be typed here, not stuff that I do. I understand some of you might be wondering why the heck am I blowing my top here, but I think some might just get the message.

Some even question my personality, question my thoughts, call them cold and flat. I personally think that no one has just only one character. Of course, there are things such as public images and quiet moments. Your perfect politician might just be hitting his kids at home. Your perfect teacher might just be smoking some weed. Your perfect sweet little girlfriend might be a satanist. If these things are possible, why not think about it? Look in your mirror, you have your quiet moments, you have your dark thoughts, you have moments when you believe something so ridiculous till you`re blinded by your own sanity. So, conclusion is, nobody`s perfect, as we all know. but the moral is that we should not always think ( in this case ) outside the box, we should always take a look inside or even guess, as we know this box isn`t empty.

I know I may be thinking too far from the box when I say this but I`ve been actually thinking about death. Am I ready to leave everything behind and face the afterlife? I know when you read this you might end up twitching a little, but this has been my ultimate obstacle so powerful and high in my head. But today, I have finally cracked this barrier in my mind. I believe I have to live life to the fullest. Experience things that might change my life. Death should be the last thing on my mind, keep that at the back of my head. I`ve been wanting to tell people about this but I now understand when Bob Dylan said, it`s a sin, to feel too much within. I`m pretty sure he was talking about love but I think I can apply that quote here.

These are my sudden thoughts. Ponder and live through them`s my job, for now. As I`m clueless. clueless to the core.

Anyway, let me leave you with one word : OBAMAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Anonymous said...

I agree that it is your right to do whatever you like with ur own log..and I prefer to read your mind rather than what you do which can masked ur thots. We are supposed to think and reflect about things around us, even reflect on our own thinking/ thoughts and actions. God called on us to do just that.Muslims, read the Quran. But sharul, instead of just dwelling on ur inner thoughts, why not also reflect on things happening to the society? Let's read ur mind on that too..ok? But you dont have to crack your head to do that, ok? Do u really bring something for me from the place you went to this hols?

Anonymous said...

about death..Do ponder upon this too

"Bekerjalah kamu seolah2 kamu hidup selama2nya dan beribadatlah kamu seolah2 kamu akan mati keesokan harinya"

I dont write the above in English for fear of incorrect translation of its real meaning..

Anonymous said...

hey..where are u? Got writer's block or what..