Friday, December 5, 2008

Back at the reins of a horse

I`m back after a certain time of having, I admit, if I could call it, writer`s block. :) I`ve been thinking and reflecting a certain amount of things I can afford to. But in the end, after 2 weeks in Australia, and a quite motivating `push up` by my teacher, I can`t seem to go on without putting my piece of mind here.

Today, I`m gonna talk about something which should turn a few heads, ( I Hope ). I`m gonna talk about `Kuala Lumpur`s Malays`. I stress on Kuala Lumpur as I believe I only can do an article based on my local people as I never actually spent enough time in other states of this country. Before I start, I have to admit to you about the sea of guilt that I find myself in before abling to have the guts to write about my race, half-race I mean. I`m scared I do leave a point or misinterpret anything that has to do with these guys, but anyway, someone`s gotta take up the `small kid trying to think big` job.

Before anything, let me tell you I have been referring to a number of sources, not only based on my eyes and brains. Books like Ceritalah- Karim Raslan and The Malay Dilemma helped me at least, AT LEAST have some confidence in talking about these folks, am sounding nervous huh..:p ok, you see, Malays have existed in this country we call Malaysia since Srivijayan times, during the 5th century. But skip the history, we`re talking about modern tomyam crazy rocking Malays here in Kuala Lumpur. As we all know, Malays have always been connected to the term `mat rempit`. So, let`s talk about it. Let me tell you first and foremost, yes, I do believe they are a nuisance to society. But, I also do want everyone reading this to notice the troubles if not sufferings they have to go through. Firstly, imagine this. You wake up in themorning in your four wall bedroom and your stuff strewn all over the place. Your parents are working and ask you to help babysit your brother. Your studies aren`t that good as you can`t afford your books. Your parents can`t seem to care less as they need to keep bread on the table. You`ve got friends, yes you`ve got them, but you have a clique. This clique happens to be the most happening of them all.

This clique has motorcycles,tight jeans and huge huge shades, and its their trend. it is. So to you, what the heck, I`ve got no life, My parents don`t give a shit, why not be one of them? remember, you have no commitment. Your studies are not good. and you don`t try to make it any better. Mat rempit sounds like a good option right? So, you tend to meet up with new gangs and new `bosses` or `dons`. You help them deliver stuff you never allowed to look at. You get caught by the cops and in a blur, you spend a few years locked up. That is what a mat rempit, well a hardcore mat rempit does. So, in order for the people to change their perspective on these poor little guys, we have to understand how much this `status` mean to them. We have to understand that society, the education system do not bring any effect on them. When they get caught in crimes, most of them don`t know the conseqences of getting into drugs, vice and stuff. Yes, some don`t even bother to but you have to understand the lack of understanding they have in their minds. The confusion, the inability to understand right and wrong.

Let`s face it, they are a pain in the neck. If you ask a chinese woman selling soya drinks at the roadside, she would say stuff about them everything from an orang utan to `pergi mati lagi baik` ( better to go and die ). So, what they need to understand now is vital for society. Many malays have fallen victim to angered glances and pathetic grunts when they are definitely not `mat rempits`. So people, please. Understand for a moment that we all need to be in this together. We can`t blame a certain race or population for the bad things we go through. The government, has to talk to these people face to face, reluctantly or not. Try to give what they need, not only what they want. These are words of a 15 year old boy, remember that. haha.

I`m sorry I`m not able to blog much further, A big one about Australia will be coming up. This is or should be your appetizer, :p take care

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