Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Comeback. to me.

Hey guys,

I`m back here. Sorry for the long and probably unreasonable hiatus but I just thought I should start typing again instead of being lifeless studying all holidays long. But I`ve got so much to let out and blog about. No more writer`s block for now, I hope, :)

Sooo, after that real long ago redang trip, life has been.. erm Up and Down. BUT I`ve finally got stable. Using the word stable DOES make me feel abit too overconfident but, you know, you gotta take a chance and have a stand ;) I was busy in school, I had lots of things to do, was running for Head Prefect, but I got a step down. But hey, it was a great experience, the trials, the hardwork, the handlings, the loss itself taught me alot. It was great, honestly.First Mega `life lesson` for me. Haha.

Me and The Head ( Pui Li! :) ps : I look like `What the hell, pictures? lol!`

Ermm, Studies have been OKAY. Not up to my `expected level of success / self confidence` I would have wanted, but I`m trying my best. ;) Been making lots of noise in class and asking lots of questions, irrelevant ones as well. :P

A trial teacher, Cik Farah. She was awesome, for a newbie. But still great, nevertheless, ;) Haha

More stuff from school :

Me and Menakah. My Indian Childhood Friend! Taught me alot about indian cultures though, including Tamil Vulgar terms, :DD

Me and Gengson.

Me looking sleepy at some function in school. Haha late nights, late nights..

Sarnjev and me performing for Curriculum Day.
My class in a choir singing some national songs shit, lol spot my `why the fuck are you guys seeing for` look? hahahaha hillarious.

A lame excuse to wear a Baju Melayu. hahaha this is Ling Sze by the way. Classmate.

Wait let me stress this, another F****** UP reason to wear a baju Melayu. Taking advantage of looking innocent, in a way. Hahaha

Oh good times..good timess..

Hahahahahaha prank turned bad. Hahaha

MJ wannabe.

I would get into trouble if my discipline teacher saw this.

Social Life, NOT BAD as well. It`s school holidays so I`ve been practically doing alot of self reviews and stuff. But yeah I do hang out once in a while after classes or jamming with the band. Oh, before I forget let me introduce to you, and `promote` if you like, my new band, it`s called

Breakdown Before Breakfast!

We`ve got a band page on facebook so check us out yaww! :D

This is not what It looks like. Lol.

We like fishes. :)

I would be posting stuff that HAS HAPPENED and WOULD BE HAPPENING and MIGHT HAPPEN, if I can, so wait up guys! :)

Ps: Check out Joey`s new makeover! It`s awesome and different! Heheh Take care everyone.

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