Saturday, June 13, 2009


Here I am probably the 100th person to blog about this particular trip to Redang. I`ve been wanting to have a say about my experience and ecstasy being in a place that I enjoyed myself in every second I was there. Redang as you know, has the clearest waters and fucking awesome corals but I`m not here to brag on about the beauty of nature and bla bla bla. I would like to transfer this form of awe to you about the significance this trip has left on me in terms of understandings of life, appreciation of everything, stuff like that.

When we were there, of course we had snorkelling activities and scuba diving, its just so hard for me to be specific on the beauty of nature because, when I stuck my head into the sea I see a whole different ecosystem and when I resurface, the beautiful shores, distant islands, Shaun`s underwear, but I`ll get to that later, ;) But people, I just had this realisation that things can get so beautiful when they`re preserved and everyone can actually be happy at a certain time and place. I have to admit I`ve not really seen a situation where it has so much mutuality in it. People were laughing on the beaches enjoying the sunshine, kids were laughing feeding the fishes. I could only watch quietly in awe as I realised the bond that people share when they`re happy. I don`t think it`s a bond, but I guess it just creates this situation on that island where everything seems to be ok and everyone`s enjoying themselves. I know this can actually be judged as a very shallow opinion but I thought everyone that was there were having a hell of a time enjoying the scenery. Imagine, we would just be on a shore alone with the cool clear waters brushing our skin and just looking out to the horizon. was sort of relieving and just quite incredible to find myself there. When I was in Australia, we could just enjoy the scenery and stuff, but in Redang, we could explore and be a part of all that excitement. It was awesome.

When sitting on a boat and munching on biscuits, I would say that was the ultimate high for me. Going through the blue sea, sitting on the edge of the boat, laughing at jokes, talking about the scenery, washing my hair with the sea when the boat`s still moving, haha it just felt so perfect, looking out to the islands and smiling. Ahh fucking hell..haha.


Anonymous said...

very glad to know that you enjoyed yourself there..i already saved one picture to be copied to my ppt..dont mind kan..will credit that pic apprpriately la..tq in advance

nickalas said...

nickalas was here :D