Tuesday, November 6, 2007



I`m new, I`ve been blogging for a while. Been doing it in friendster a couple of years back, but those posts were nothing but boring notes\paragraphs of thoughtless..what`s the word..oh yeah, crap. The blogs there were `nothing` compared to blogspot. I`ve been planning to blog for quite some time but I guess I couldn`t really drop a finger on the keyboard before my exams, I did quite ok in them, well, the best I`ve ever done, jumped quite a lot places, and yeah, I could say I didn`t do that bad.

There`s nothing much about me, I can say that I`m a typical mixed-race guy ( Malay,Chinese ) and loves music, I have an organ that amplifies my love for music everytime I listen, I think its called ears. Favourite bands are Nirvana ( loved them since I was a kid ), Rage Against The Machine, Pearl Jam, and maybe a bit of SLIPKNOT BABY! haha.. But no one, yes, no one, can match the heavenly sounds of Led Zeppelin, having a phase or none, this band, is the father of all bands.

I go to school, maybe about 4 km from my place? Good school, at least we have a few disciplinary cases, better some than none, you would question yourself are you in the right place when you step into a school so `holy` or perfect. Believe me I`ve experienced that when I go to Methodist schools, Private holy shit private schools. I don`t like classifying them, but I`m just gonna go with `people who I don`t think knows what the hell is outside their nutshell`.

Parents: Alright, Maybe sometimes gets pissed off with them, but c`mon, do you guys actually believe about ` cool parents`? Maybe not in this generation though. But sometimes, yes sometimes they can be loving, example like when they got my G1X EFFECTS PEDAL YEAH! haha..

I got a brother, currently in Manchester, was found by a football scout who came here to check the malaysian young boys, haha nah..he`s studying..My main influence.

I got a girlfriend, name`s Jessica, Jessica who? oh, Jessica Alba. haha..kidding..I`ll be lucky, but lets close the topic..shushhhh..haha..whoever she is, I`m not exaggerating, believe me, one of the humans in this world that actually care for you, not caring by loving, no, but someone who can pull you out from a rough patch, you know? There are two type of girlfriends in this world, well for me, girls who wants you to be with them, and girls who care for you, the type who wouldn`t really mind if you`re not together with her but would mind if you break a nail. She`s the nail caring one. :)

Alright guys, I`m off to bed, been another boring day, hope tomorrow god would give me one of his treats. See you later.

Always a rebel

I`m your renegade.


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