Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Red epic

I`ve always wanted to be in a band since I was a kid, it was a dream that I thought couldn`t be true. I`ve always had a second thought about it though, after seeing what happened to hendrix and kurt. My musical learning process started off with piano, it was sort of compulsary and what old aunts would say `a wasted chance` since my mum was a piano teacher. It started quite well, was into it until the 1st grade. Then my UPSR came up and I couldn`t cope with it as I usually took about an hour to satisfy myself that I`ve learned enough. I was a hot-tempered pianist, if you like, I would bang keys and drive the neighbours mad if I missed a key or a beat. But the best feeling I can ever get from learning musical instruments is when I get to compose a song, well sorta rocky and bluey, but it was nice, to actually know you can make a song. I still remember the first song I `composed` on the piano, it was a song that would be 100% rejected by pros cause I can bet that every technic that I did on that song was wrong. But it sounded nice, it doesn`t have to look nice, but it needs to sound nice. You can act like your playing with your feet, but what was the use if you just banged the keys? Get my point?

When I was about 11, I quit piano, I told my mum it was boring, boring and boring. Its a fact of me, I`m not a classical guy. She then recommended me with pop piano, it sounded the same to me. My brother was quite obsessed with guitars, owning about 4 acoustics and a electric guitar. The only chord that I saw my brother used a lot of times were the power chords, so after my UPSR, I started playing the guitar, well just using the power chords of course. I made up a lot of songs with it but I was quite sick of just grunge sounds, I needed some blues and hen burst the chorus with a few power chords, that was how I wanted to be. So after many many beggings and pleadings, my parents sent me for guitar lessons. I have a good teacher and he really taught me stuff man, seriously.

So I find myself now after a year of lessons and I can say, I`m quite good. Well, not really, but you know, OK. I met this guy at the place I do my lessons, He was drumming. I was kinda impressed, but I didn`t say anything to him at that time. After a couple of times seeing him around the store, I said hi. I jammed with him, using an acoustic. We couldn`t barely hear anything else but drum beats. But I smiled, I really did, I could hear my guitar and his beats. There was something. There was.

So everytime after lessons, we would jam, and we made up a couple of songs already. We`re just 14 but fuck it man, start young. We named our band, Red Epic. It was a sudden rush in my mind, I wanted to be `epic` what word that goes with epic? I thought of colours, and yeah, red was good. He thought it was cool, so we started. Now we got a demo, a good one. The teachers at my place were real impressed. I`ll try to get one of our tracks in here for you guys to listen to. Remember, listen unimpressed, GET YOURSELF impressed. That`s the way it is.

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